Self-propelled snow blowers

Øveraasen self-propelled snow blowers are in a class by itself: with its two stage blower aggregate they are specially designed for use at airports, which require large snow removal capacity and long casting distances at high speeds. To keep up with the snow clearing convey, it is important that the snow blowers are able to keep the same work speed to do the job on time. Øveraasen offers the world's biggest self-propelled snowblower,Øveraasen TV 2200, and the brand new TV 1000 Performance Line with "Flying Cab".

TV 1000

TV 1000

TV 1000 Performance Line is a high speed self-propelled snow blower developed especially for professional snow clearing operations at airports. The snow blower has been designed for heavy duty snow clearance at airports and can handle any type of snow with depths form 1 cm up to 2 meters, - in one go! The snow blower is mounted to a purpose built chassis and the machine is equipped with the unique "Flying cab" which allows the driver to be placed in front or back of the blower chute to ensure optimal view during work- weather loading, clearing or casting. The TV 1000 is a typical high speed blower, and driver comfort is assured thanks to the hydraulic chassis suspension and the fact that the driver's cab is not mounted to the blower head. In this way the cabin is less exposed to shaking and vibraons from the blower head. TV 1000 has two diesel engines totaling 1000 hp, which ensures power for both propulsion capacity and snow removal capacity during work. TV 1000 has a capacity of more than 6 000 tons of snow per hour at a casting distance of 35 meters. TV 1000 is included in the new design line Performance Line. The engine cover has been given a completely new design, with plenty of space in the engine compartment and engine access and other service points are remarkable good.
TV 1520/TV 2200

TV 1520/TV 2200

The Snow How of this self-propelled superior class snow blower is excellent. The dual stage snow blower is designed especially for use at airports, where large snow clearing capacities and high casting distance are required. To keep up with the high speed snow clearing fleet, it is essential and important, that the snow blowers are capable to perform at the same working speed. The Øveraasen high capacity self-propelled snow blowers are designed with special purpose chassis in which the driver's cabin is positioned in front of the casting chute. This to guarantee the best possible view for the drivers.

TV 1520 Øveraasen TV 1520 is equipped with one single engine with 1520 Hp which ensures power for both driving and snow clearing. The machine has a clearing capacity of 10 000 tons/hr at 35 meter casting distance.

TV 2200 Øveraasen TV 2200 is the world's largest self-propelled snow blower. The machine has two engines with a total power output of more than 2200 Hp. TV 2200 has a clearing capacity of more than 12 000 tons/hr at 35 meter casting distance.

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